Friday, January 30, 2004

Movie Review(School of Rock)...

School of Rock

Dewey Finn (Jack Black) is obsessed with rock & roll. His personal philosophy is to “service society by rocking”. After getting kicked out of the band he founded, he finds himself broke, living in a small corner of the apartment he shares (rent free) with long time friend and now substitute teacher Ned (Mike White). Ned’s girlfriend has transformed him from glam rocker to preppy school teacher and is encouraging him to get rid of Dewey. Dewey answers a phone call meant for Ned and accepts a job as a substitute teacher at an exclusive $15,000 a year private school.

Sometime during his gruelling schedule of day long lunch breaks, he discovers his pupils are actually gifted musicians whom he decides can aid him in his mission to even the score with his former band mates. Determined to convince them to replace classical music with rock, Dewey persuades the class into believing this is a school project and to swear an oath of secrecy. In actuality, Dewey plans on entering them in the Battle of the Bands, which could see him become $20,000 better off. Recruiting the rest of the class as roadies, security, costume designers, and groupies, Dewey abandons normal lessons altogether to develop his new band.

Jack Black (Shallow Hal) gives a fine comedic performance as Dewey, who is probably a lot closer to Blacks real life persona than he would care to admit.
Blacks experience with his real life band, Tenacious D, has allowed him the ability to bring an incredible authenticity to this tailor made role. His passion for the subject is obvious and he gives his all to the fine art of rocking out and "sticking it to the man”.

On supporting duty are Joan Cusack as Principal Mullins, Mike White as Ned, Sarah Silverman as Patty and a solid cast of child actors who were hired for their ability to actually play their instruments. Although occasionally subjected to clichéd characterisations (shy child hiding huge talent etc.), this is far too much fun to argue.

4 out of 5