Friday, January 30, 2004

For your consideration...

Lost in translation

Bill Murray plays Bob Harris, a washed up American movie star who has resorted to endorsing whiskey in Tokyo. Scarlett Johansson portrays a quiet young woman named Charlotte, who has come to the same city with her photographer husband (Giovanni Ribisi). Lonely and jet-lagged, Charlotte and Bob meet in the bar of their Tokyo hotel and set out on a mission to avoid boredom. Directed by Sofia Coppola, Lost in translation is highly recommended viewing.

5 out of 5


Ben Affleck plays Michael Jennings, a reverse engineer who has his memory wiped by associates after spending three years working on a secret project. Jennings is supposed to pick up $92 million worth of stock options afterward but finds that he mysteriously decided to give up the money. He now has to find out why. With the exception of ‘Minority Report’ and ‘Blade Runner’, Philip K. Dick Novels have not been treated kindly in cinematic form. ‘Paycheck’ is by far the worst American movie that Hong Kong director John Woo has ever made. Yes, it’s even worse than ‘Mission: Impossible 2’.

1 out of 5

The Last Samurai

Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise) desperately seeks spiritual enlightenment in Ed Zwick’s mind numbingly boring attempt at ‘the epic’. Cruise is woefully miscast as Algren, his bleached white teeth and effortlessly styled hair, nothing more than a distraction. Perhaps in more skilled hands, The Last Samurai could have amounted to something more than just the poor mans ‘Braveheart’. Apart from Ken Watanabe’s excellent supporting turn and John Tolls cinematography, there is very little to recommend here. Avoid.

2 out of 5